Webpage marginborder--Media Eval pageAt Type A Media, we are often approached by cannabusinesses from across the country regarding how public relations can enhance their brand recognition and success. These companies recognize the power of PR to set themselves apart in this exploding industry, but may not know the right approach for their business–and what that means to their bottom line. We created this new program to address the unique PR needs needs of the cannabis community.

What do you get for $20?

  • A 30-minute consultation to analyze your brand and personalize steps that YOU can take NOW towards getting the media exposure YOU WANT
  • Customized tips and strategies to give YOUR brand the extra “push” it needs to grow
  • Answers to YOUR questions about PR and undertaking a larger campaign
  • A summary of our consultation that you can refer to again and again

How does it work?

Once your booking is confirmed with us, we’ll reach out to you personally to prepare for your customized Media Evaluation. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire that will be used to analyze your brand and prepare a report to be the basis of your Media Evaluation.

Ready to book a Media Evaluation for your cannabusiness?