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Media Campaigns

Type A Media combines traditional, new and social media outreach to create the best position for you in the marketplace.

In a highly competitive and ever-evolving market, your brand has an advantage with Type A Media’s full-spectrum PR services. We have mastered the essentials for a strong foundation in traditional editorial standards and practices, which, combined with the development and mainstreaming of new platforms, create real results.

Today’s media landscape offers more options than ever to get your message across, and Type A Media utilizes them all for a 360-degree publicity campaign. We know the cannabis industry inside and out—from the laws and regulations that dictate how you do business, to the latest trends poised to propel the industry into the future—and use that knowledge to build brand awareness and loyalty through a multi-disciplined media campaign.

Media Consulting

From journalists to bloggers and brand ambassadors, Type A Media understands how the media works and how it can be used to promote your brand.

We use our knowledge and resources in the public relations and marketing industries to guide our clients through media and cultural landscapes. We examine and nurture your brand image, as well as your web and social media presence. By looking at the big picture, we can balance your goals with current culture and trends to present a unified identity that speaks the language of both today’s media and your consumer audience.

Communications & Content

Type A Media crafts your message and communicates your brand in a clear, cohesive manner that catches media and consumer attention every time.

The 24-hour news cycle and 140-character limits may have normalized communications shortcuts, but the quality of your written message bespeaks the quality of your brand. Type A Media stands behind the quality and clarity of our communications services, which include publicity and marketing materials, website and promotional copy, and social media content. We know the traditional media’s editorial styles and the “mechanics” of the English language—and also have the know-how to bend the rules and speak the shorthand of the new media.


From traditional launch parties and product rollouts to pop-up events and seminars, Type A Media conceptualizes and manages memorable events that get people talking.

We have amassed decades of experience in creating and managing events across the country, ranging from A-list award show after-parties and movie premiere, to intimate, targeted affairs. Type A Media knows how to work with budgets and subcontractors, and can work directly with you, or partner with your multi-level cooperative team, to create, organize, market, manage, and publicize your event.